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Who's Who

WEST MERSEA BOWLS CLUB was originally a proprietors Club run by a board of directors and charged with making profits. Some thirteen years ago the Club experienced difficulties and senior members at the time persuaded the owners of the property to lease the premises to them and allow them to operate as a Members’ Club leading to the formation of the Club we know today.

The Club registered as a COMMUNITY AMATEUR SPORTS CLUB which has financial advantages and which requires any surplus funds to be invested back into the Club for the purpose of improving facilities for the benefit of members.


A BOARD OF TRUSTEES (names are given below) has responsibility for ensuring the financial stability of the Club regulating membership fees, green fees and other income to cover all of the Club’s expenditure which includes rent, repairs and renewals under a full repairing lease, insurance and many more. The trustees are also responsible for ensuring the Club conforms with all planning conditions, licensing  laws, fire, health and safety and other statutory regulations. The trustees have NO input into the day to day running of the Club relating to bowling activities including competitions, fixtures, leagues, teams, social bowling, catering etc unless these impact on the property, finance, the future well being of the Club, or compliance with the law, regulations or planning conditions.


These bowling matters, being the core function of the Club, are dealt with by the elected MAIN COMMITTEE (names are given below). In addition to bowling matters this committee covers all the non financial tasks associated with running a successful bowls club. There are other essential committees such as the indoor and outdoor Ladies and Men’s Committees, and the Social Committee all of whom deal with matters within their sphere of activities and report back directly to the Main Committee.


The very many functions of WEST MERSEA BOWLS CLUB are entirely run by volunteer members who support the Trustees and the Main Committee in numerous ways to ensure that the Club continues to function as a Members Club.



(as at 3/9/22)

Dany Bonner (Chair), Terry Larner, Chris Marchington, Graham Walford, Vivien Walford & Howard Young

Associate Trustees – David Cotter & Jenny Marchington 




President                                                        Tony Corbey

Vice President                                                Chris Marchington

Ladies' Outdoor Captain                               Helen Maloney

Ladies' Outdoor Vice Captain                       Jenny Marchington

Men's Outdoor Captain                                 Colin Sargeant

Men's Outdoor Vice Captain                         Dave Cotter

Administration Co-ordinator                         Wendy Bell

Indoor Leagues Secretary                              Lyn Bywater

Property Maintenance Co-ordinator            Dave Bywater

Public Relations Co-ordinator                       Sue Sargeant

Recruitment & Retention Co-ordinator       Sue Howard

Social Media Co-ordinator                             Will Duncan

Committee Members                                      Beryl Turner, Steve Bell, Brian King, Jenny Marchington

The posts of Ladies' and Men's Indoor Captains and Vice Captains are currently vacant.



Currently vacant - Volunteer needed!