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NEW: 2 Wood Pairs - How to Play

Two Wood Pairs (Potters' Pairs) - in Sets

Rules & How to Play:-

The game is played over two sets of 11 ends with a Tie Break end play off if necessary.

Teams will toss for the right to play either first or second.

Both teams will then play the first set of 11 ends.

The loser of the first set will start the second set of 11 ends.

Whoever skips in the first set must also skip throughout the second and tie breaks. 

Skips may visit the head once each end.

NB -There are no dead ends and if the jack goes off the side of the rink, it will be replaced as near as possible to the nearest side spot.


There are 2 points for winning a set. 

If a set is drawn each team gets 1 point.

 If a team wins both sets then they have won the match and receive 4 points. 

(2 points per set).

If teams win 1 set each, then they receive 2 points each and play a Tie Break end play-off. The winning team gets 1 extra point.


  • 2 points for winning a set
  • 4 points for winning two sets
  • 1 point for a drawing a set
  • 1 point for Tie Break

Before the Tie Break, teams toss again for the right to choose to start - first or second.

If in the unlikely case, that the final end of the tie breaker results in it being to close to call a winner, then another end will be played with only 1 wood per player.

There will always therefore be a winner!

NB:     The final points will be recorded and added to the league total of each team.  League positions will be displayed on the Winter Indoor Notice Board.