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NEW: Singles League - How to Play

Indoor Singles League.

How it works:

  • The singles league is played with 9 teams.
  • Over a 12 week fixture, all teams will play each other 3 times.


  1. There must be teams in the league.
  2. Each with players in your team.
  3. Each week only one player from your team will play.
  4. Three rinks are booked, with teams playing on each rink.
  5. Each player will have 2 singles games with 4 woods per session, each game is over 7 ends, while the non-player is marker.
  6. You may visit the head after you have played your third wood.
  7. There are no dead ends. If the jack goes off the side of the rink, it will be replaced as near as possible to the nearest side spot & the end continues.
  8. The score card will list the parings in playing order.
  9. The marker stands away from the head, may not give any advice, but can answer questions about the head. The marker fills in the score card, scoreboard, & also does the measuring.
  10. The scoring per game will be:

                2 points for a win

               1 point for a draw

               0 points for a loss

Each week the points will be carried forward, and league positions put up on the Winter Indoor Notice Board.