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50/50 Club - October 2022 to March 2023

50/50 Club

New Draw - October 2022 to March 2023

The new 50/50 Club draw will start in October at the usual cost of £12 for six months and will be drawn monthly. Half the money will go in prizes and half will be paid into club funds.

The basic principle of the 50/50 club is that members can buy a number(s) for £2 a month, 6 months for £12! These numbers are entered in a monthly draw with three monetary prizes of approximately £25, £15, £10 awarded every month.

50% of money taken is used to fund the monthly prizes and 50% goes to Club funds. You could win back your total stake if you win just once!

Please write your name next to your preferred numbers/s on the sheet on the notice board and post the money in the green fees box.

To avoid any confusion please write the following details on the envelope:

  • 50/50 Draw
  • Name
  • Chosen numbers
  • Telephone number

Just to remind everyone 50% of the money is split between 3 numbers randomly drawn each month  and 50% given to Club Funds.   This is a fun way to raise much needed funds for the club.

If you need any assistance or further information please speak to:

  • Gwen House
  • Jackie Ringrose
  • Jenny Bibby