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Coronavirus Update

Message from the Chairman of the Trustees

The trustees and officials of your Club hope you are all well and untroubled by this terrible virus.

The outdoor Club is open and whilst things are different everyone is enjoying the return to some form of normal. Colin & Sue Sargeant along with Helen Maloney are to be congratulated on all their hard work to ensure the summer has moved from disaster to enjoyment whilst at the same time ensuring we are as safe as we can be. We have experienced some fierce competition in the Medley Pairs which is reaching its mid way stage and this competition will increase considerably with the forthcoming Ladies v Gents competition. Helen assures me that the ladies are in strict training and since learning there are prizes involved this training has apparently intensified.

The condition of our outside rinks is better than ever and they are certainly bowling better than at any time in my period at the Club. Not only are the rinks being lovingly cared for but all the surrounds, plants and car park etc. are immaculate. Anyone returning from a stay on Mars would never know we have a coronavirus pandemic. Congratulations to Colin Howard and his band of volunteers who have worked throughout whilst of course social distancing and taking very good care of each other.

The next step is indoors and your officials have been snowed down by the masses of guidance from the EIBA and the government. Probably the worst issue is how often it has been necessary to change this advice and keeping up to date is a nightmare. The Club has formed a special committee to decide if we could open and if so in what form. This committee quickly acquired the name of the Covid  committee.

Assuming we are not closed down again by the government we will open indoors in early October and the Covid committee are working exceptionally hard to ensure we all have both competitive and social bowling throughout the winter period. This will only take place when the trustees and officials are happy that we can meet all the guidance and keep members as safe as it is possible to be.

Once the final programme is known together with the conditions of play, e.g. we will only play on two rinks to ensure social distancing, the Covid committee will outline in detail what can and cannot be done. It will not be bowls as we know it but as near as possible and it will of course be subject to the overriding concern of keeping everyone safe.

If the Club is to recover and expand after this crisis we need as many members as possible to pay their monies and return to bowling but whatever the outcome safety will be our overriding objective. 

It was nice to see and hear on the BBC recently that bowls is one of the top 10 things to do. We could all have told them that but it was nice to hear.

When we open we shall temporarily be a member’s only club – no visitors – but we will obviously revert as soon as it is possible. 

We are not however preventing any new members from joining and whilst the process will be different Sue Howard will be pleased to do the necessary if you know of anyone who is interested.

Keep safe and come and see us soon.

Brian Johnson    Chairman